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Nicky Hayden girlfriend 2013

MotoGP is becoming extremely popular when it comes to racing competitions. What is more important is that racers are getting many fans from all around the world. Surely, most of you have heard about Nicky Hayden before and here we are to talk some more about him, his professional and personal life and discover whether there is Nicky Hayden girlfriend 2013.

Nicky Hayden girlfriend 2013

Getting to know Nicky Hayden

First, let’s focus on Nicky Hayden professional life and let’s start with some information about his birth. So, Nicky Hayden was born on the 30th of July in 1981 and by the nickname he is famous for and that is The Kentucky Kid you can assume that he was born in Kentucky. When it comes to his career in MotoGP we can say that he joined the elite of professional MotoGP racers in 2003 driving Honda motorcycle until 2008 which brought him his first MotoGP championship back in 2006. However, in 2009, Nicky Hayden joined Ducati team which is also his present team. Let’s talk some more on his personal life and maybe you’ll get to find out more about Nicky Hayden girlfriend 2013.

A peek into Nicky Hayden privacy

Most of the ladies are probably interested in finding out more about Nicky Hayden girlfriend 2013 as well as about the list of his girlfriends in general. However, when it comes to Nicky Hayden it is really hard to get to the Nicky Hayden girlfriend 2013 list as he never dated any celebrity and there are generally little info on his romantic involvements. The media started speculating that he might even be gay and they did manage to connect him to several of other racers as well. Does that mean that there is no Nicky Hayden girlfriend 2013? Could the tabloids be right when it comes to his sexuality?

Nicky Hayden present day girlfriend?

It seems that Nicky Hayden is one of those sportsmen that like to keep their private life away from the media and newspapers, but then again he has been linked to an anonymous model recently. However, in some of his latest interviews he has stated that he is not ready for a commitment and that the media will certainly know as soon as he falls in love. So apparently, there is no Nicky Hayden girlfriend 2013.

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