Is There Wentworth Miller Boyfriend?

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Gay stories are becoming something usual when it comes to celebrity life. One such is related to the hero of “Prison Break” show, Wentworth Miller. Some say he is, some say he isn’t, but no one give actual proof for the statements which are not friendly at all. If they accused him of being gay, than they must give the proof of Wentworth Miller boyfriend.

Wentworth Miller boyfriend

Prison Break star adored by women

Let’s face the truth here. For one to actually get this kind of women attention you just can’t say he is gay. It’s the truth that women do like Wentworth Miller for his role in “Prison Break”. His sexy body was exposed dozens of times in the show, to which women reacted very good. You don’t have to wonder of the fact that the number of female followers of the show is maybe higher than male. Wentworth Miller is the only reason. Although he is “loved” by thousands of women throughout the world, somehow rumors has it that there is Wentworth Miller boyfriend. Someone would probably say: stop right there, what is this now?! How can he be gay if he can have dozens of women? You have to realize that it isn’t confirmed yet that he really is gay, but people are starting to believe in these rumors. Go down and read about Wentworth Miller girlfriends, to make the comparison.

Wentworth Miller girlfriends or not?

This famous man, who still attracts a lot of attention in women world was connected to several women in recent years. Were those rumors true or all of that was just to cover the major story of him being a gay and to hide Wentworth Miller boyfriend from being exposed? However and whatever scenario was there, some things are certain. Wentworth was indeed spotted on several occasions with both women he was being brought into relation. One of them is Amy Bice and the other is Mariana Klaveno. Namely, Amy is his colleague actress who was seen with him several times and the photos of them show there is certain sympathy between them. On the other hand and theoretically speaking, Mariana Klaveno was confirmed to be with Wentworth Miller, but the entire story is foggy and can’t be put into the serious consideration. Though it was just rumor (or is it?), as one of the possible Wentworth Miller boyfriend was Luke McFarlane.

Wentworth Miller

Reclusive Wentworth Miller

After first speculations of him being gay, Wentworth Miller was reclusive and nervous about the story that surrounds him. One of the possibilities is that he indeed is gay and is in relationship with colleague actor Luke McFarlane and that’s why he is being so reclusive, and the other possibility is that he was just nervous because he knows what kind of media pressure he is going to suffer because of these speculations. Do you think Wentworth Miller boyfriend rumor is true?