Who is Wentworth Miller boyfriend 2014?

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The last news about Miller is that he will become a father, but news of his homosexuality persists. Rumors are everywhere and even more so since he himself admitted that he is gay. This 42-year old man hides his sexuality for a long time, and then finally spoken.

Rumors and speculations

Although rumors say otherwise, many women are hoping it’s not true that he is gay. Also, there is speculation who is Wentworth Miller boyfriend 2014? Some people claim that it’s Luke Macfarlane, but others are not so sure. Although they were seen together at some events, we cannot assert the truth. Journalists are prone to fabrication and writing non-existent “truth”.

His confession

Wentworth Miller boyfriend 2014 actually has little to do with Miller’s confession. Wentworth acknowledged that he is gay, in August 2013. When publicly declared himself as gay, he did that because he felt upset because the Russian government is fighting against LGBT legislation such as the ban propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations. Immediately afterwards, people begin to connect him with a variety of gay boys. Although it’s believed that is Wentworth Miller boyfriend 2014 actually Luke Macfarlane, we are not convinced. Also, this is all just speculation because Miller said he wants to live and love openly. He never used the phrase “I’m gay”.

Miller will be a father?

There are rumor that Miller’s companion are pregnant with him. Whether this is true or not, we will find out in a few months. Speculations says that Wentworth, best known for his role in Prison Break, is expecting a baby with his partner with whom he has long. She was spotted last week, during romantic dinner, with a prominent stomach bulge. Ultimately, we will see whether she really pregnant and who the father is. We wish them all the best.