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Gay or not?
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All true fans must know everything about their favourite actor. So here is a special website dedicated to this great actor we all know since he was acting in Prison Break. Andy many fans who are in love with him are wondering if there is Wentworth Miller girlfriend 2013? The answer is here in one of our posts and you can find out everything you need to know. Wentworth Miller girlfriend 2013 isn’t in your way to get to his heart. It will be just really hard to meet him or get in touch because he is really good at hiding his private life. So there may be new Wentworth Miller girlfriend 2013 and we don’t even know because he is really good at hiding. Maybe is this even the reason fans still have hope and love him.

Who is Wentworth Miller boyfriend 2014?

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The last news about Miller is that he will become a father, but news of his homosexuality persists. Rumors are everywhere and even more so since he himself admitted that he is gay. This 42-year old man hides his sexuality for a long time, and then finally spoken.

Rumors and speculations

Although rumors say otherwise, many women are hoping it’s not true that he is gay. Also, there is speculation who is Wentworth Miller boyfriend 2014? Some people claim that it’s Luke Macfarlane, but others are not so sure. Although they were seen together at some events, we cannot assert the truth. Journalists are prone to fabrication and writing non-existent “truth”.

His confession

Wentworth Miller boyfriend 2014 actually has little to do with Miller’s confession. Wentworth acknowledged that he is gay, in August 2013. When publicly declared himself as gay, he did that because he felt upset because the Russian government is fighting against LGBT legislation such as the ban propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations. Immediately afterwards, people begin to connect him with a variety of gay boys. Although it’s believed that is Wentworth Miller boyfriend 2014 actually Luke Macfarlane, we are not convinced. Also, this is all just speculation because Miller said he wants to live and love openly. He never used the phrase “I’m gay”.

Miller will be a father?

There are rumor that Miller’s companion are pregnant with him. Whether this is true or not, we will find out in a few months. Speculations says that Wentworth, best known for his role in Prison Break, is expecting a baby with his partner with whom he has long. She was spotted last week, during romantic dinner, with a prominent stomach bulge. Ultimately, we will see whether she really pregnant and who the father is. We wish them all the best.

Wentworth Miller 2014 News

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The biggest star of Prison Break is just Wentworth Miller. He was born on June 2nd 1972 in England, specifically in Chipping Norton, district Oxfordshire. His occupations are actor, producer, screenwriter and model. Wentworth Miller 2014 is very successful young man whose career was started in 1998.

Miller’s career

His first appearance on TV was in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” where he was played student who is turned in sea monster. Obviously he wasn’t been undetected. His talent helps to him to come where he is now. Also, his first starring role was in ABC’s mini-series Dinotopia, in 2002, and he was played introverted and sensitive David Scott. His first movie role was in The Human Stain, where he was played Coleman Silk, the younger version of Antony Hopkins.

Victim of death hoax

In February, Wentworth Miller 2014 was victim of death hoax. This prank was not interesting to many people, especially to his fans. Most fans immediately started writing condolence on Facebook page which was open with this bad intent. Man or woman who was started this prank, obviously didn’t think about his family and friends. All fans are strong condemned a bad joke. We want to Wentworth Miller 2014 will be very happy, success and to be very alive.

Miller’s newest movie

Wentworth Miller 2014 will play in movie called “The Loft” which will have premiere on August 29th 2014. A genre of this movie is Thriller. A brief description would be: When five friends discover murdered body of young woman in their common loft, they begin to question each other.

This will be a tense film with elements of horror. Also, there will be elements of detective movies. Don’t miss this exciting adventure of our hero.

Who is Wentworth Miller dating?

After the rumors appeared that Wentworth Miller is gay, everyone took it with caution. Than it happened; he came out and said it clearly. He is gay after all. But who is the one Wentworth Miller dating?

Fresh Hollywood gay

Wentworth Miller dating

Recently declared as gay, this incredible actor raised a huge cloud of dust in Hollywood, the capitol of movies, scandals and money. After so many time of rumors that he is or he is not a gay, this young fellow finally decided he wants to stop that and came out from the shadow to tell everyone the rumors were true. Everyone was “shocked” with what everybody already knew. He was gay from the first mentioning of that in the media, but he was hiding his boyfriend from the public. So, you wonder who is Wentworth Miller dating? Soon, you’ll get your answer.

The boyfriend in the spotlight

After Miller’s recent announcement, the media turned all the attention to his beloved boyfriend to find out everything about his life and especially love life. Because, it matters to reporters, as these news populate tabloids’ front pages. The headline: Wentworth Miller dating with Luke Macfarlane. Interesting thing is that Luke is an actor too. Though he is much less known that Miller, his life came out to the surface at the speed of the light, when it was clear that he is the one Wentworth was hiding for so long. Namely, Canada born guy, Luke Macfarlane had appearance in the ABC’s “Brothers and Sisters”.  After this role, you could have watched him in “Supreme Courtships”. Though Wentworth was not saying anything about his current boyfriend, it is clear a day that two of them are seeing each other. They were caught on several occasions taking a walk, but they never showed real affection. It’s possibly because Miller wasn’t yet declared as gay. Paparazzi are everywhere around his life and he could barely get out on the street peacefully without someone actually taking the picture of him.

What would you do?

If you were in this kind of situation, what would you do? Have you asked yourself this question, ever? It is very hard for this guy to be free and live his life like every normal person because of all the journalists like to accuse him or actually take out his “dirty laundry” out to the light. Do you think the press should not be so harsh on this couple?

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